Meet Nischal Shrestha! As a part of the Boom Lab/IN10T partnership, he started out creating this very website as just a short term project. He did such a great job, that they brought him on fully. He is our technical analyst and specializes in UX/UI, digital analysis, and ag data processing. Hear what he has learned and why he enjoys working at IN10T!

Meet Josh Gwaltney! Josh has taken on his position with IN10T and run with it. Like many at IN10T, he wears multiple hats. He works with information systems and business analysis while focusing on project management, marketing, and flight plans. Josh is a part of the Boom Lab/IN10T partnership.

Meet Elie Regev! Elie serves as a cybersecurity specialist and technical analyst with a focus on database, cloud engineering, and security. He is a master of his craft and was surprised at the level of tech in agriculture. He has been developing lots of the behind the scenes processes that helps IN10T do what it does.

Meet Olivia Thompson! Olivia joined the IN10T team from the Boom Lab/IN10T partnership. She was brought on to run the social media for IN10T and FarmerTrials and has since expanded her role into marketing and project management. Listen to hear how her journey with IN10T got started.

Meet Randy Barker! Randy is the co-founder and CEO of IN10T. With a rich background in agriculture, Randy has helped make IN10T the innovative company that it is today. Listen to Randy speak about his background, the idea behind the company, and where our future is heading!

Meet Colton Mills! Colton is a Precision Agronomist at IN10T. With an education in agronomy, Colton has been a key part in data collection and grower relations and has been a great contact for team members who are less familiar with agriculture. Fun fact: He’s a certified drone pilot!